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Please find detailed information and technical data for all DRELLO ballistic measuring systems in our data sheets downloadable here.
Simply select the product out of the application area - click - download - read up on the product.

List of products
Product overview
Ammunition testing device ATD 1055
Accessories series 1055
Firing rest FR 1060
Weapon fixture series WF
Firing unit FU 1069
Rate of fire
Muzzle blast sensor MBS 400
Muzzle flash sensor MFS 600
Intelligent measuring system IMS 8500
Rate computer RC 4083
Velocity & Time
Light screen LS 11
Light screen LS 23
Light screen LS 66
Velocity computer VC 4043
Intelligent measuring system IMS 8500
Electronic target systems
Target system TS 711
Target system TS 721
Target system TS 723
Material testing / Forensics
Projektile recovery system PRS 1090
Highspeed photography / Video
Long duration flash unit DS 1504
Short duration flash unit DS 1510
Special Solutions
Optical sensors series OS 610
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