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Projectile recovery system PRS 1090

The PRS 1090 Projectile Recovery System is used for recovering projectiles for forensic analysis.
The analyst uses commercially available ammunition - no specially prepared ammunition for analysis.
Due to the completely undamaged surface and remaining powder traces, both microscopic and chemical analysis can be performed.

Support for a pistol or revolver
Completely undamaged surface of the projectile
No maintenance work except replacement of non-flammable recovery material
Time saving in operation by use of commercially available ammunition
Suitable for all calibers and projectile types from small arms weapons
Investment and operating costs much lower than comparable systems
Support for a rifle or shotgun Single modules of a DRELLO PRS 1090 The recovery material with witness boards Some samples take from a DRELLO PRS 1090 Comparison between a comparable system (left) vs. the PRS 1090 (right) .357 Magnum - Comparison: New vs. DRELLO System PRS 1090 9 mm FMJ RN - Comparison: New vs DRELLO System PRS 1090 .45 ACP Hollow point vs Comparison: New - DRELLO System PRS 1090
Rifle Module Material Samples Comparison .357 mag 9 mm .45 ACP
Technical data
Caliber: all small arms weapons
Length: 2600 mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 900 mm
Weight: approx. 300 kg
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