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DRELLO has been developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic measuring instruments for more than 65 years all over the world, in particular flashlight stroboscopes, video systems for quality control, measuring instruments for ballistics and also seed counting, filling and treating systems.

Since founding the company in 1945, we have developed and manufactured stroboscopes.
We have constantly expanded our range of stroboscopes for visualisation and analysis of rapid periodic processes in science and technology.
In the course of technological change DRELLO stroboscopes are increasingly used for quality assurance measures, as for example in image processing.

Our product range includes today
  • Industrial flashlight stroboscopes

  • Ballistic measuring equipment for measuring force, pressure, velocity and time

  • Seed counting and treating systems

  • Special devices for a variety of applications in industry and research

  • Customized solutions

The high quality and reliability of our products combined with a fast worldwide service, guarantees you, the customer, troublefree use for many years.
We exhibit:

Nuremberg, Germany
2. - 5.3.2023

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