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DRELLO Seed counter and filling automate MZ 2000

Powerful automatic seed counting and filling machine
Efficent for counting and filling with continuing carousel and precise counting result.
Combinable with DRELLO coating device MZB 2600.
This unique combination increases the performance due to counting, coating and filling in a single cycle.

High quality manufacture
Counting speed approx. 700 grains per minute
Easy handling and secure operating
Seeds are not separated by size nor weight
Additional cleaning for glumes and grain fragments
Combinable with DRELLO coating device MZB 2600
Optional serial interface or batch programming
Customer oriented solutions
MZ 2000 reverse side carousel Laser-scanner combi-nation with MZB 2600
Technical data
Grain number: up to 9999
Quantity counter: uop to 16 million
Counting accuracy: exakt
Counting speed: approx. 700 grains per minute
Filling time: 5000 grains in approx. 14 minutes (50 bags á 100 grains)
Supply volatge: 230 VAC oder 115 VAC
Power consumption: 40 W
Width, with base plate: 670 mm
Height, without funnel: 420 mm
Depth: 280 mm
Weight: approx. 25 kg
Display: LC-Display
Options: PC-interface
Pre-set of changing number of bags and grains
Available in combination with DRELLO coating device MZB 2600
Bag detection
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