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Stroboscopes for image processing
Stroboscopes with a constant flash energy and homogeneous lighting by means of glass fibre and/or ring optics or panel lights.
Electronic regulation of flash intensity (option).
Stroboscope with separate hand lamp for stationary use
Model Features Lamp Distance/Illumination
DRELLOSCOP 210 LE 210-01
Stroboscope DRELLOSCOP 210 Universal stroboscope. With power box and separate circular-shaped or rectangular illumination. For short-time illumination and visualisation of fast process flows.
LE 210-02
Stroboscope with optical fibre connection
Model Features Lamp Distance/Illumination
Stroboscope DRELLOSCOP 255 Compact stroboscope. With built-in point flashtube for light conductors. Especially suited for image processing. Flashtube and reflector integrated in power unit for adaptation of fibre optic light conductors
Stroboscopes for special applications on request
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