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Universally applicable industrial stroboscope. For short-time illumination and visualisation of fast processes.

Automatic image processing: Particularly suited for high power short-time illumination. With integrated light control ILR 100 for a uniform continuously adjustable flash intensity.
Quality control in printing industry: Control of register marks and edge perforation in form printing. Application on narrow web label machines in label printing, on rewinders and slitter winders.
Visualisation of mechanical motions: Application on production machines. Control of synchronisation on gears.
Technical data
Flash rate control: Externally by electric pulses or trigger units
Flash range: 0 ... 1,500 flashes/min resp. 0 ... 25 flashes/s, optionally 30,000 flashes/min resp. 500 flashes/s
Flash energy: 1 Joule/flash, optionally max. 4 Joules/flash
Stop-function: For real time flash deactivation (control of flash duration)
Power: Available in 3 power levels: 20 W, 36 W and 50 W
Power supply: 24V DC, via socket power unit for 100 ... 240 V mains supply
Dimensions: Power box
W=155 mm, H=60 mm, D=100 mm - housing without mounting plate
W=155 mm, H=60 mm, D=130 mm - housing with mounting plate
Light source Features Distance/Illumination
Lamp LE 210-01
Lamp with wide beaming circular reflector. Light metal housing for stationary mounting. Connection cable with plug, length 4m. Accessory: Quartz flashtube 322-2
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Lamp LE 210-02
Lamp with wide beaming rectangular reflector. Dust-proof light metal housing, Protection Class IP 50. Compact, for application in image processing.Connection cable with plug, length 4m. Accessory: Flashtube 115-1
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