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Minimum dimensions – maximum power. For continuous operation. Compact industrial stroboscope, stationary mounting. For visual control of printing webs. Available in 3 versions: Web widths up to 410 mm (16”) and 760 mm (30”).

Lable printing
Inspection machines
Slitters and rewinders
5125-10 Drelloscop 5125-16
5125-10 Drelloscop 5125-16
Technical data
Flash rate control: Internally: by manual adjustment
Externally: by electric pulses or available sensors
Functions: External control with additional function Halving or Doubling of the flash frequency (Fastfinder function). External control either through phase shifter (electronic image shifting of the observation position) Slow motion control Flash intensity adjustable in four levels.
Flash range: 0 ... 6.000 flashes/min or 0 ... 100 flashes/s
Power supply: 24 V DC through seperate power supply unit for 100 - 240 V mains connection
Dimensions: Version for 410 mm (16’’) web width: W=240mm, H=100 mm, D=85 mm
Version for 760 mm (30’’) web width: W=420mm, H=100 mm, D=85 mm
Supplements: Base mounting plate with swivel-mounted bracket, alternatively with ball and socket joint. Photoelectric sensors for external control.
Options: Extended flash rate up to 30.000 flashes/min
Light source Distance/Illumination
Drelloscop 5125-10
Quartz flashtube and reflector integrated in the unit.
For web widths up to 410 mm (16")
  Illumination Calculator
Drelloscop 5125-16
2 quartz flashtubes and reflectors integrated in the unit.
For web widths up to 760 mm (30").
  Illumination Calculator
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